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April 11, 2010

And this blog is back.

Only now because basically after all these events:

  • Typhoon Ondoy and losing our iMac
  • Pregnancy
  • Twitter name sale and the purchase of the new iMac
  • Moving in with lola
  • Moving out of lola’s and into our new home
  • Being pregnant

…it is only now that I have time to… exhale. Wooza.

This is what I look like now. Yes that’s actually a baby. No, I did not swallow a watermelon. It’s the roundest tummy ever, I know.

I dressed up because Orley and I went out for the evening. As hermitic as we both are, we do get out sometimes to take a glimpse of the outside world. One of the few things that drags Orley out from his easel is an exhibit opening. That night it was a group show at Galerie Anna, one of the few galleries we deal with:

We look at the art and Orley exchanges news and hangs out with his colleagues.

Sometimes I mingle, sometimes I browse the paintings. But really, most of the time you can find me here:

Yes, I am predictable that way.

We rarely do the exhibit-hopping thing, but Orley’s good friend Jojo also had an exhibit at Art Verite at Serendra:

I didn’t stay too long. I went to Fully Booked instead.

We usually end the evening with a snack. I wanted something cold loaded with ice, so we went for a Chowking Halo-Halo. No pictures, as I can wolf down a halo-halo faster than you can make it.

Orley’s back in painting-mode again. He did something wonderful way back in December, but I’m a little too lazy to brag about it right now. Maybe next time.

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