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Spa Wherever You Are – A Review

April 11, 2010

I love home service spas. When we used to live in Town and Country on Marcos Highway, Orley and I would occasionally call therapists from Renmar Spa, who had some of the best massage therapists we’ve ever encountered in a home service spa. Cheap too.

But after Ondoy happened, and we had to move to Novaliches (where it’s rumored that you need a passport and a visa to enter – not true. But it is that far), it was bye-bye Renmar and hello to place where home service spas didn’t exist.

Upon doing a search, I found Spa Wherever You Are, a home service spa that had Novaliches Proper in their list of service area. So I called for a massage for Orley and a mani-pedi for me because they had a minimum charge for my area (again, yes, it’s that far).

They arrived on time, shuttled by a mini-jeep with their banner happily painted on its side.


1. Professional therapists with complete and clean equipment.

2. Reasonable price.

Unfortunately, there are more cons.

1. My nail technician was good enough. She worked cleanly and accurately. No cuts. Except she advertised herself too much to the extent of berating her co-workers. Probably so I would ask for her the next time I call for service. It was such a turn-off.

2. Orley said his massage was just okay. For the same price, he’s had better massages.

3. Even though the girl who took my call asked me specifically if I needed change and I answered that I did, the girls weren’t told. I had to scramble around for barya and ended up giving them small tips because that’s all the money I had.

4. They were picked up late. They stayed in my house for an extra 45 minutes (till almost midnight) until my pregnant self couldn’t take it anymore. I had to show them out and they waited in our front lawn for their pickup jeep. I have no idea what time they really left.

Now that I actually live in the area they often service, I have no desire to avail of their services again.

Rating: 7/10

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