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Baby’s Firsts #1: First Toy – The Lamaze Musical Inchworm

April 24, 2010

So after buying and inheriting all the required baby necessities, I went and bought the first “non-essential” item. A toy. (Though they are truly essentials, I mean, what are you going to buy them for their mental development, a netbook? That’s for me)

I just found the Lamaze musical inchworm too cute, so I bought it:

lamaze musical inchworm

I like that there are different textures, which are so important for a baby to explore. I want Sebastian to be open to experiences and starting him off on textures is the best way to establish that. The “musical” part of the inchworm isn’t that impressive, but I didn’t buy it for that. I can just imagine Baby Basti carrying this around with him. So cute.

I almost bought this from a Multiply seller. I actually bought a number of my maternity, nursing and baby things from Multiply sellers because they are generally lower-priced than department stores. This one was being sold at a Multiply site for Php1,500.00. I found it at Toy Kingdom for Php799.95. That’s just about a hundred bucks more expensive than Miss Multiply seller, you’re overpricing!

The Lamaze toys are all cute. I think we’ll get a couple more while Sebastian is growing up. My 7 years as a Gymboree teacher really taught me to be picky with toys. My next stop is the bookstore for baby’s first soft book and first bedtime book. I think his first CD will be the Beatles.

I’m at 39 weeks and not a sign of labor. All my classmates from childbirth class are popping infants out one by one. Now that Orley’s back from his Cebu trip, maybe I can give birth.. tomorrow? Oh please. It’s not easy being pregnant in this heat.

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  1. Kris permalink
    April 24, 2010 6:10 pm

    Malapit na!! I gave birth last in our group also, I think. It was 40 weeks and 3 days – which babycenter says is the more accurate due date. OC si Mika.

    Mika also has this snake — a hand-me-down from her cousin. She loves it up to now. You chose well =)

    • Eliza permalink
      April 24, 2010 6:17 pm

      Yey! I’m so happy I got it then. Longevity factor – win!

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