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Level Up Ang Shopping!: My Motherhood Shopping Finds

June 17, 2010

Who doesn’t love to shop? Being a mother, I discovered, took my shop-a-holic tendencies to other worlds. I love shopping, even on a limited budget, and a great find is always something worth sharing. My best motherhood shopping finds below.

1. Maxidresses at Greenhills.

I bought 5 maxidresses in Greenhills for 400-500 pesos each and rotated them with other pieces in my existing wardrobe for 39 weeks. I didn’t buy a single piece of maternity clothing.

2. The Belly Belt

This didn’t work as properly as advertised, but still helped to make my jeans fit, even on the 9th month of pregnancy.

photo courtesy of Mommy Matters

My friend Pia didn’t get to use hers because her thighs grew bigger during her pregnancy that her pants didn’t even fit any more.

3. Thirties Duo Wraps

photo courtesy of Pinoy Baby Store

These have saved many comforters and baby seat covers from being soiled. I bought two and alternate them. I’m planning to buy more in the next size for Basti to wear. I bought mine from the Pinoy Baby Store. They made a mistake and sent me the wrong color and there was absolutely no hassle exchanging for the correct products. Definitely an A-plus seller.

4. Chini Pino Fitted Diapers

I got these as a gift from Kakai, and together with the Thirties Duo Wraps, have turned daytime cloth diapering into a doable situation. I can’t imagine having to deal with a squirming baby and pins. Horror. On its own, you can even catch it from bleeding onto crib covers or on you, if you’re fast enough. The extra layers make it possible.

5. Bebe Chic Diaper Bag

photo courtesy of Chubby Cheeks

A gift from Ninang Carina, this bag is roomy enough but not so big to lug around. Some people find it too small, but I don’t have to carry bottles and formula around because Basti is still purely breastfed (yey!). Love the design.

6. Nursing Cover from Nursing Mom

Photo courtesy of Nursingmom

This nursing cover has saved me countless times. I’ve nursed in SM Hypermart, SM Savemore, Trinoma, in church and no one suspected a thing. One person actually thought it was a baby carrier! Hehe.

7. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

This is my mom’s gift to Basti. I had trouble putting him down on the cot during the day, but this has saved my life. It’s a bit pricey, but considering you can use it till your child is 3 or 4 years old, I think it’s worth it.

8. Nursing Bras

I bought several nursing bras (and will have to buy more) and I ranged from So-En to QT. Panalo na ang So-En for the price and quality and is great for everyday use. Carina also bought me a couple from Sogo and they are great too. My ultimate favorite though is my QT Nursing Bra which I bought from Mama.Baby.Love.

Photo courtesy of Mama.Baby.Love.

The material is great and it’s the most comfortable one among everything I bought. Reasonably priced too. If you’re going to buy from Mama.Baby.Love don’t buy the Dynabelly brand. Trust me.

9. Pigeon Baby Products

Mag-Avent na kayong lahat – I love Pigeon! You can’t beat the Japanese when it comes to quality. Hindi pa siya mahal. Best finds are the disposable nursing pads that are 300+ for a pack of 36 (Avent’s was 800 pesos, ON SALE. Heller). But this I love most:

Forget the bulb aspirators – this one is the one that will suck any booger from your baby’s nose!

Number 10 on this list is “Baby Carriers”. The thing is, I have three (a ring sling, a pouch and the SaYa system), but I have yet to learn how to use them properly. Some kind souls have volunteered to teach me, so I shall post a review of that sometime soon.

In the meantime… more shopping!!!!

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