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Gimme Mah Caveman & Yeti!!!!

August 28, 2010

The day started out as a regular art supply run. The only reason I ever find myself at SM City North Edsa is to visit Deovir for The Painter’s art supplies. I haven’t been there since I gave birth and I was pleasantly surprised to find the 3rd level of the Main Mall totally renovated. One shop caught my attention:

With a name like Caveman & Yeti, it’s pretty hard to miss. At first I thought it was yet another frozen yogurt shop, but no!! They serve one of my favorite things in the world – SHAVED ICE!! In a country where temperatures hit 90 degrees all the time, wouldn’t shaved ice be on top of your refreshments list too?

So we took a peek at the menu:

And we decided to try the a couple of the Caveman Creations to save on brain cells. Here’s the unnecessary, but irresistible Basti Pic of the Day:

We decided on the Mais Con Hielo with Cornflakes, and the Strawberry with Graham Crackers.

Mais con Hielo


We also ordered a Mochi Bun. It was served warm and was oozing with chocolate syrup.

Both of the orders were set on vanilla-flavored ice. We ordered the regular sized cups so we wouldn’t be overloaded with orders, right? WRONG. I have two simple words for ya:

ANG SARAAAAAAAP. The ice is perfectly shaved. It’s feather-light and the flavor stands out. I should’ve ordered the “Sharing” size because I think I could’ve finished it. Without sharing.

Between the two, I liked the strawberry more. The mais con hielo is a familiar taste, and would be a good choice if you’re looking for comfort and cool on a hot day. But strawberry won the flavor contest.

Because I am naturally chikadora, I engaged the owner, Dazzle (chika ng name!!) and she treated me to a couple of samplers.

How they prepare the ice is fascinating. They pull out a huge chunk of ice (it looks like a giant Twin Popsie) and the machine does the rest.

Dazzle gave me a taste of the peanut butter and ube ice dishes. The peanut butter is drizzled with chocolate syrup and served with crumbled Choc-Nut.

The ube is served with chunks of halaya and ube pastillas.

Both were really good, but I already fixated on the strawberry. I loved how the vanilla ice (ice, baby – sorry couldn’t resist) meshed perfectly with the strawberry and graham.

Dazzle says they’re looking to open more branches and hopefully, franchise soon. So for now, one guess on who’s a willing volunteer to go for an art supply run?

Caveman & Yeti

3/F SM City North Edsa Main Mall

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