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Goodies Galore: Shopping Finds at the Belly Mama Baby Fair

September 1, 2010

So I made it to the Rockwell Tent for the Belly Mama Baby Fair last August 21. Yuh, I went shopping again. Here’s the loot!

1. Babinski Baby Receiving Blanket

I got this super cute receiving blanket to keep in the diaper bag. They had awesome prints, and each blanket was only 200 bucks!

So many other designs available for purchase on their website.

2. Babinski Nursing Bib

Also from the Babinski booth, I also bought this nursing bib/vest as an alternative to my Nursingmom cover.

The material is fabulously wrinkle-proof, it squashes to nothing and is a breeze to put on and take off!

3. Baby shoes from Obsidian Trading Company.

Three for PhP 450!! How can you not buy them??

Basti already wore them.

He wears the Converse-style sneakers with his favorite googoo&gaga onesie we bought from Tita Audrey!

4. Nursing Dresses from Mama.Baby.Love

You all know by now how much a fan I am of Jenny Ong’s Multiply store. I visited her booth and couldn’t resist buying these two dresses.

I wore this Blissful Babes Wrap Dress to my hubby’s exhibit opening last week.

Photo courtesy of Mama.Baby.Love.

Photos courtesy of Mama.Baby.Love.

And I wore this one from My Lovely Closet when I gave a breastfeeding testimonial at The Medical City’s Parenting 101 workshop.

Photo courtesy of Mama.Baby.Love.

Dear Medical City, I had fun sharing about breastfeeding in your parenting workshop. Please get me again. Ktnxbye.

5. Indigo Baby’s Jar of Hope

Photo courtesy of Indigo Baby

All-natural healing and soothing for baby and mommy!

It was a really good fair. I saw a few products I’d like to get for Basti when he’s older.

This will never end. God help my husband. :p

P.S. Thank you to Topaz Horizon‘s Frances Amper-Sales for nominating this blog in this year’s search for the top 10 emerging influential blogs. Now I know there’s at least one person who reads me! Hehe.


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