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Welcome to PaintersWife.Com!

September 3, 2010

So I finally got my domain. I had no plans of getting one but I got jealous of my husband who’s getting his own ( – watch out for it) so I got one too! (I’m the one who’s building his website anyway, diba?)

When I was registering my domain at, I couldn’t get “thepainterswife”. Apparently someone else took it already. She’s a bit more soshal than me. I’m part bekimon kasi.

Then there’s another “The Painter’s WIfe” on Blogspot and she’s the wife of a painter… of houses!

A Google search of “painter’s wife” would bring up some articles about Frida Kahlo. It’s a bit closer, but since I HAVE NO PAINTING TALENT WHATSOEVER, it still doesn’t quite cut it.

So I guess I’m in a niche all on my own.

When I got the domain, I balked for a minute. “What right do I have putting up my own website? Who am I anyway? I’m just someone who likes to share and talk too much.” And that’s when I knew. I did have a right. Because everyone else has a right to know things that have changed my life or at least make it a little bit better.

And if this blog has somehow helped just ONE MOM breastfeed, then my work is done.

So. Here we go! Welcome to PaintersWife.Com!

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