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A Word About Art

September 4, 2010

“Being a painter’s wife must be exciting. You must really know a lot about art.”



Truth of the matter is, when it comes to art, wine and music, I’m pretty much a simple-minded person. My take on the world is pretty much how I am as a person. With me, it’s what you see is what you get. So with everything else, I don’t like things that are too “deep”.

With music, let’s face it, I am the Pop Queen. I love Madonna, girl groups like Atomic Kitten and Sugababes, I dance to Single Ladies, and heck, I’m even starting to hum Justin Bieber.

And with wine… I don’t even drink wine. “Would you like a nice glass of red wine with your steak?” “No thank you, I’d rather have a Coke.”

I generally stopped drinking, save for a rare vodka-Sprite, more so now that I’m nursing.

So when it comes to art.. well, let’s just say one of the reasons I really appreciated Orley’s work when he was still wooing me is because he’s a realist. I actually understand his work. And if his painting did have some sort of other message or meaning, at the very least I could appreciate the skill it took to execute.

"The Cornpicker" by Orley Ypon, 2009

We go to art exhibits all the time – different artists, different genres, different temperaments (but almost always the same caterer) and sometimes I feel like I’m only there for the food.

Granted, I know more now than I knew then. Sometimes an abstract painting would actually get a rise out of me. If it’s not the shapes, it’s the color or just the general flow of the piece. Don’t ask me to explain it though. All you’ll get from me is a blank look.

In the modern art world, I really am generally lost in translation. There’s work that strikes me as “pa-art”, or work for art’s sake and totally devoid of any skill or mastery, and that just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t believe art has to be vulgar to make a statement either. A painting doesn’t always need to be happy; I’ve seen some sadness and wistfulness in some work and those moved me too. I generally steer away from angry or bitter paintings. Even in real life, I try to avoid those emotions as I think they are a waste of time. And chocolate.

So don’t look at me for Art Advice. Ask The Painter. I’m just The Painter’s Wife. I’m his partner, his cordon sanitaire, his webmaster, treasurer and stylist. I could tell you, though, which galleries serve the best cocktail food….

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