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The Stroller Search Is Over

October 10, 2010

**(Pssssst.. Looking for the contest page? It’s here!)**

I may be a babywearing fan, but I have to admit I still do love the convenience of a stroller. As a stay-at-home mom who wears her baby ALL DAY in the house, having him ride a stroller when we’re out at the mall or in a restaurant is a treat for me and my lower back. We had a hand-me-down Chicco stroller from my brother that’s seen better days (It’s too big. My brother calls it The Pajero Stroller) and we use it and its all-terrain wheels for strolling along the not-so-good roads of our village. We have an umbrella stroller, a gift again from my brother, but it topples over when I hang our baby bag on it. And so, The Painter instructed me to get a new one.

Now everyone may swear by certain stroller brands, but I, for one, don’t see any wisdom or practicality in spending more than 10,000 pesos on a stroller. If you think about it, 10,000 isn’t even a joke, considering how many other things you can buy for that amount. (Yes, you may therefore conclude that I do not own an LV or a Prada or a Gucci bag. Once, when I had a dispensable amount enough for a designer bag, I went on a trekking trip to Tibet instead. But that’s me)

But if you were to ask me, I would really love to have this:

The Combi Ricci with reversible handles

But at a price tag of PhP 24,000 it was out of the question.

So, we settled for the Graco Mirage:

Fully reclinable, cupholder for Basti (but none for my Starbucks), light, easy to manage, big basket, all in an affordable price of PhP6,500. I will spend the rest of the stroller budget on books instead.

In the meantime, there’s an ongoing promo over at Mommy Mundo for a stroller giveaway! They’re giving away one of these:

Safety 1st Teknika

Just “like” the Mommy Mundo Facebook page and tag yourself in any of the promo photos that are still available for tagging. I never win anything, but if I do.. yey! This would make a great travel stroller, especially when we go home to Cebu. I actually almost bought the brown one on sale at the Chicco store in Megamall – marked down at Php7,000.00 from PhP9,000.00! If you’re looking to buy this stroller RIGHT NOW, don’t buy it at SM Dept. Store, get it at the Chicco store instead.

Lastly, a huge THANK YOU for the the initial response to everyone who’s joined Celebrating Motherhood: The Painter’s Wife Blog Giveaway. We still have a lot of time left, so don’t forget to cover all the ways you can get entries and refer your friends! You can still gather entries till November 3!

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  1. October 11, 2010 9:19 am

    I’ve had a total of 4 strollers! The first one I got was the Jane (250€=15,000pesos) that included a pram for new borns, a car seat and a the usual stroller sit. Then when Gael was close to one I got a Maclaren (125€=7,500 pesos). When Aiden was born a cousin gave me her old twin stroller. It was a Graco monstrosity where Aiden could lie down in the back and Gael could sit in the front. Huge but very convenient when you have no yaya and 2 kids below 2. When Aiden started sitting up on his own, I bought a Maclaren twin stroller (I think it was 200+€= 15,000 pesos).

    We were living in Spain then and I used the strollers every single day as we walked everywhere so it was well worth the money for me (and strollers there are way cheaper than here). Nothing beats the Maclaren strollers – incredibly sturdy, easy to fold and unfold while carrying the baby, light and small.

    If you hang the bag on the hood of the stroller and a bit lower it doesn’t topple over. Phew, that was a long comment. Hahaha.

    • Eliza permalink
      October 11, 2010 10:58 am

      You are so right about strollers being so expensive here. I get so frustrated when I browse online and see how they are SO MUCH CHEAPER. I actually contemplated getting one online and having it shipped via Johnny Air Cargo but it turns out costing the same or even more. I went everywhere you could possibly get a stroller here and the ones that cost PhP40,000 just had me rolling my eyes. No way.

      A Maclaren twin stroller at PhP15,000 is something I would buy if I had two kids. I think that would be like 30 grand here.

  2. Joy permalink
    October 11, 2010 11:09 am

    Haha…u finally got one…congrats!

  3. Maria permalink
    October 15, 2010 7:11 pm

    Why don’t you go for the Umbrella Stroller like Maclaren? I used to have the Graco and it occupies a lot of space when you store it in the trunk and very bulky! I am also a first time mom and the Graco I bought was a mistake. Hehe. Good thing I sold it to my friend which after a year, she also bought a Maclaren. Hehe. Just a thought. 🙂

    • Eliza permalink
      October 15, 2010 7:31 pm

      This Graco I bought is actually not bulky at all. Also, we’re really sticking to our principle of how much we should spend for certain things. Maclarens here are so expensive. My husband and I are thrifty by nature! There’s also the fact that I babywear constantly, and I don’t even bring a stroller when I’m out alone.

  4. Maria permalink
    October 15, 2010 7:13 pm

    And another thing, I was also lucky that my sister-in-law’s boyfriend carried it all the way from the US. I bought it on ebay, babyproductstore which I got two covers for the price of one =)

  5. November 15, 2010 11:05 pm

    I’m glad you found the stroller that you were looking for! 🙂

    If anyone else is still looking…looking

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