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Random Post On A Rainy Night

October 18, 2010

It’s raining really hard outside and thoughts of Ondoy are haunting me. I was pregnant and we weren’t home when it happened. I believe God saved the three of us that day.

Basti has been sick the past few days. He was coughing and I could hear him wheezing. After trying oral Ventolin for a couple of days, our pedia said I should nebulize. Basti hates it. Our pedia said so many babies are affected by respiratory problems this season. For everyone with children, please be vigilant.

I had a shoot for a feature on “MOMents” today (thanks to Jen Tan of Next9 for referring me!). I don’t know if I made any sense!! I forgot to take pictures. I really, really need a new camera.

I can’t sleep with the rain pounding on the roof so I’m reviewing the entries for this blog’s ongoing contest . 240+ already!! Gosh, thanks guys. Promise, I have so many other things lined up for the tail-end of the year – another contest, a mommy get-together and more giveaways!

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