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I Joined A Blog Contest. I Want An Aquasana!!!!

December 23, 2010

While I love holding contests, I hardly ever win whenever I join myself. But. Coming from my latest loot from Mommy Mundo (a baby hammock from Cradle which I will never use again since Basti fell from it. Yes, my heart stopped) and the bluetooth headphones I won from, I figured, hey, maybe my luck was changing.

And so I joined Manila Fashion Observer‘s contest for an Aquasana shower filter.

Ever since Aquasana became available here in the Philippines, I’ve wanted one. Not only do I want the shower filter, but I also want the one that filters your tap water and make it fit for drinking.

Imagine taking a shower in filtered water?? Skin allergies be gone! Smaller pores, hello!! Lovely hair, well, how do you ??? I really also want the drinking water filter because I make such a big deal about buying BPA-free products for Basti when the plastic bottles that contain mineral or distilled water aren’t BPA-free anyway.

So I hope I win. There’s still time to join, so you guys can hop on over and join too!!

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