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Islands Apart: A Smart LiveMore Post

March 15, 2012

I consider myself lucky that my immediate family is here with me, and I can see them anytime. It was a frustration to not have a province when I was growing up though; I so badly wanted to be able to speak a dialect like my friends and classmates! But my dad hailed from Bulacan, and my mom is a true-blue city girl (No province! My grandmother lived in Intramuros), so we are as Tagalog as Tagalog can get.

When I married The Painter I was so giddy that I can now say that Cebu is my family’s province, and I am determined that Basti learn how to speak even just basic Cebuano. I love learning languages, and I’ve also started to learn Cebuano. When we go home to Cebu I even kind of take on the accent. It’s kinda contagious, hehe. Plus, it makes it easier for them to understand what I’m saying.

But for The Painter, I know it’s not easy to be away from home. His entire family is in Cebu, including two lovely children who have learned to call me mommy. Yes, my dear friends, I am Sharon Cuneta a Madrasta.

I am with Basti every second of the day, so I can imagine how hard it is for my husband to be away from his children for months at a time. We only see them twice a year, if we’re lucky. Sometimes, once a year is all we get. We get so surprised at how fast they grow when we see the pictures their mother posts on Facebook. Everytime we go home, I can always catch a wistful look on my husband’s face when he sees how big his kids have grown. As much as he tries to be there for every birthday, moving-up day or any special holiday, sometimes it’s just not possible.

We know how important it is to keep connected. We want a real, loving relationship between the children. And while we can’t hop on over at a moment’s notice, we do have other means – text, call, video call, chat – to keep the connection real and tangible. Children grow up so fast, and every second counts. And here’s the #truestory – in my husband’s baranggay in Cebu, the only ONLY reliable connection is Smart.

The Painter’s Wife is a proud partner of Smart’s call to #LiveMore. Their newest campaign is something I can relate to as a mother. The need for a reliable connection is a real and genuine need for us, and we are glad to have that with Smart. Check out their newest TV ad, and visit to learn more. #LiveMore with Smart!

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