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It’s My Time, It’s My Life to #LiveMore: A Smart LiveMore Post

May 9, 2012

Check out the new song for the Smart LiveMore campaign.

The song was composed and mixed by the impressive duo of James Banbury and Pete Davis. On their own, they boast an impressive resume; Banbury has worked with U2, Snow Patrol and Depeche Mode, while Davis did work with Gwen Stefani, The Spice Girls and Bjork. As collaborators, they’ve done work for Marriot Hotels, Tropicana and Cathay Pacific. They team up again to compose this song for the Philippines’ biggest network, Smart.

I first listened to it with my eyes closed (I got distracted by the words onscreen) and let my brain run free. Some of the images and thoughts that came to my head: running really fast; jumping off a cliff; a really strong and steady heartbeat; standing on top of the tallest building ever and seeing the world spread out below my feet; Basti’s laugh; my husband at the studio; scuba diving in washing-machine-currents; lying flat on my back in a field of flowers.

The lyrics are simple, but the message is crystal-clear. I love it for its positivity and joy, and it’s a great affirmation to my personal statement to focus on the more important things in life.

So for my time to #LiveMore, I’m going to strive to:

    • Let go of the little things and shrug off the mountains that are actually molehills. My energy is best spent on better things.
    • Focus on what really matters with the things I believe in and let go of the technicalities. To help women into breastfeeding with compassion and not by lecture; to share babywearing in the spirit of love and enjoyment of your baby; to appreciate motherhood, mothers and achieve balance.
    • To teach my child the value of fun. Not everything has to make sense, and not everything is built on rules.
Smart is very, well, uhm, SMART with this campaign. A good connection is practically a necessity these days. Communication plays such a huge part in our aim to get our lives going, no matter where we are at the moment. A great connection gives us one less thing to worry about and more time to just LIVE. And #LiveMore, at that.
I have to admit, the song gave me LSS*. If you’re like me, and the only way you can appease LSS is by listening to the song again and again, here’s the good news for you: Smart subscribers can download this song for free! Just log on to and click on “download”. Smart subscribers can also get this as a ringback tune FREE for 30 days by texting LIVEMORE  to 2728. Enjoy!!
*Last Song Syndrome


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