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Two Minutes, Two Years, and A Thousand Miles: A Smart LiveMore Post

July 13, 2012

It seems like I looked away for two minutes, and not two years, to watch my Basti go from this:


Taken on Basti’s first day on earth.

To this:


Basti blowing out his Swell Sweets Cookie Monster cake.


Suddenly, we’ve got words, animal sounds, the alphabet, counting from 1-20 and the dialogue of Toy Story coming out of his mouth. Suddenly he’s asking for specific food from the refrigerator and telling me whether he wants rice, soup or a banana. When before he couldn’t stand to be without nursing, even just for an hour, now a full day goes by before he cuddles up and asks.

Just last night I came out of the bathroom after my evening toilette (YES I used that word) to find The Painter lying down beside Basti, staring at him. No, not in some heartwarming-father-and-son-moment way, but just simply STARING. I asked him what was up and he was like, “Nothing. I’m just looking at him. He’s so huge.”

And then the other day, we were talking about schools. I was scheduling school visits for the coming weeks and I noticed that The Painter was getting lost in thought. When I asked what he was thinking about, he was like, “What if I’m away? I’m going to miss these. All these big moments.”


All of this sentiment coincides with Smart’s new #LiveMore commercial, right here:

Oh how I wish it were about me and Orley in our more carefree, younger days, but I just can’t fit into a dress like that anymore.

The point. These days, as long as you have a strong, reliable and fast mobile and internet connection, few things can escape you. You could really be a thousand miles away and never miss a thing. Lately, The Painter and I have been talking about the big plans that Art has for our future, and fortunately/unfortunately, those plans involve a big plane, a different continent, and more than just a thousand miles away. We’re not sure how they will pan out, but one thing’s for sure: an indefinite period of time when our family will be apart. Sigh. Sad, sure, but not impossible to overcome. There’s chat, phone calls, video calls, messaging, Face Time, and all the other ways we can keep each other close through modern communication. With a mobile and internet connection I can count on from Smart, to #LiveMore with each other is possible even when living apart. Life’s biggest moments deserve it.


This post is sponsored by Smart Communications.


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  1. July 24, 2012 12:01 am

    I was so touched with this post that it made me cry inside. My husband is thousand miles away from us becuase he needs to work and working abroad was his idea for giving us a better future. Our baby girl just turned one year old on July 20, 2012. We just celebrated it at home. Atlast, she learned how to blow her first candle before her birthday. Its been a month of training on how to do it hehehe.

    A year ago, he left 5 days after our baby girl, Alyssa Ashley, was born. We were only 4 months married and we haven’t enjoy most of our married life. I remember the first time I saw my husband cry. We’re still at the hospital when he received a call from his employer that his flight will be on July 23. He didn’t expect that it will be that soon. He hugs his baby girl and kisses her many many times. He whispered to her “Alis na si Daddy sa Saturday, good girl ka ha.. good girl ka..”
    But God is good. Miracles do happen. He got a call the next day that his flight will be moved on Monday July 25. This is the most hardest day of my life. But, i never shed a tear when we say Good bye at the airport because I knew that he will be back.

    One year is just so fast, but on it were alot of memories of our daughter’s milestone. He did’nt caught his baby girl’s first smile. ALot os first times has been missed. He wasn’t there to witness how his baby turned over, crawls towards him, and sit down on his lap.

    It was so sad to see how things go by without him. But, I just loooked at the bright side that he is doing all of this for our family. He sacrifice alot. But, his baby’s firsts will not going to happen again. He can’t turned back the hands of time with his fortune. I say “Minsan lang maging bata, sana hindi nya to hinayaang lumipas lang ng ganon na lang”.

    Oh, well… We are just looking forward to see him after another year. By that time, he’ll get to see his daughter running towards him. Kiss and hugs him and saying “I love you daddy!”

    *lesson is that we must not waste the time we spend with our loved ones. They might be here now but be gone tomorrow. We must let them know how we truly feel and make amends before it is too late.

    • Eliza permalink
      July 25, 2012 2:54 am

      Thank you for sharing your story! What a great sacrifice your husband is making for the sake of your family. Just keep looking forward, focus on your happiness and your future. You are blessed! 🙂

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