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REPOST: CPR Workshop on Sept. 1, 2012: Heart Saver

August 29, 2012

NOTE: This is the same CPR Workshop that was supposed to be held last July 21, 2012. Due to bad weather, it has been rescheduled to September 1, 2012.

When I was still an active diver, part of the training I went through was to get a CPR certification. It was quick but adequate, but didn’t touch much on what to do if the patient was an infant or a child. Now that I have a child of my own (and hoping for more), I think CPR and choking response knowledge that’s specifically for children is super important to have. Especially choking. *shiver*

I voiced out these concerns to my pediatrician, Dr. Elizza Senseng, and guess what? It so happened that at that time, she was arranging to hold a CPR workshop especially and specifically for infants and children. The one conducting the seminar is a certified trainer from the American Heart Association, and you will be guaranteed proper hands-on training on CPR and choking.

Doc Elay has something to share in her own words (yes, we have the same nickname, hehe!):

“Several years back, a couple  and four others in their family attended a similar workshop we conducted on life saving skills . Curious, I asked why so many in the family are attending. They started to tell me their story.  

 M and C are a young couple. They lost their firstborn just a few weeks ago. He was just a few weeks old. They were out for an errand when they received a frantic call from home.  Their baby was black and blue.  He choked on his milk and nobody knew what to do.  It took a while to get him to the hospital. But it was too late. They lost him. 

 I sat quietly listening to the pains the family was going through. But I admired their courage to take steps so that it does not happen again. 

A mom once left her newborn baby  with her 4 year old son in the room so she could go to the bathroom.  Just a few minutes after, she saw her baby incessantly coughing as if trying to blow  something out.  She asked her 4 year old son what happened who sheepishly answered, ” I placed my coin inside her mouth.” Her baby started to get blue.  Quickly, she turned her over and began doing the Heimlich maneuver.  Luckily, the coin came out and was dislodged. 

 This is why Heart Saver is important to me as a doctor. This is why life saving skills is important in every family. It only takes a few minutes without breathing or without a heart beat before brain damage ensues. Our traffic situation may not allow us beat those magic minutes to get our loved ones to the hospital.  Saving a life can be in our hands right where we are, right where it calls for it.  

 For me, there is no other time  for this but now.”
CPR Workshop
In this CPR workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Identify if someone has stopped breathing
  • Identify if someone’s heart stopped beating
  • How to help a baby who is choking
  • How to help a child or adult who is choking and is still conscious
  • How to help a child or adult who is choking and is already unconscious
  • How to minimize brain damage by providing oxygen through proper breathing  to someone who has stopped breathing on his own
  • How to minimize brain damage by restarting the heart of a baby, child or adult whose heart has stopped beating

The workshop will be held at the 28th floor of Medical Plaza Ortigas, San Miguel Ave., Pasig. It’s near Shangri-la Mall, and the Sonata condo construction site. There are limited slots and everyone needs to pre-register and forward the payment of P1,499.00 before July 21. Please sign up using the form below (click here if you don’t see it). Someone will be in touch with you for the payment details.  For any questions and inquiries, you may call or text 09321428852 and 637-3029.

I hope to see you there!

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