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#Momtuition is Our Superpower! (Expo Mom 2013 Giveaway!)

April 3, 2013

Do you guys watch Grey’s Anatomy? I still do. In the latest episode I saw, a mom came in with her sick son. The interns all wanted to discharge the boy, but Dr. Meredith Grey, being a mom herself, believed in the mom’s gut feeling of something terribly wrong and went ahead with more tests. Because of their #momtuition, they ended up saving the boy’s life from a life-threatening disease.

Have you ever experienced this? I have. Nothing as life threatening as a rare disease, though. More of intuition about Basti’s everyday antics. As a stay-at-home mom, Basti and I are together almost 24 hours a day. When he was smaller the only time away from him was a shower. I got to know all his nuances, his little cries, his moods, and his different reactions to everything. The Painter tends to freak out when Basti cries, and he’s perplexed when I tell him, “it’s fake crying”, and when I know that Basti’s really hurt. That’s us. That’s Momtuition.

For this year’s Expo Mom 2013, Mommy Mundo recognizes this uncanny connection we have to our children in the theme, #Momtuition. Even with the amount of information that parents have at their fingertips about anything and everything about parenting, let’s not forget that we have this valuable 6th sense – our gut. We know our children best!

I attend Expo Mom every year, and I always come home with something new and innovative for Basti, myself or the house. The usual suspects will be there – Manila Baby Shop, Mama.Baby.Love/Mamaway, Mommy Matters, Quirks Marketing, Spinkie, Nursingmom, Buggy & Lishy, and other trusted mompreneurs. Making their Expo Mom debut is Mothering Earthlings and Paper Chic Studio! Congratulations Rone and Cai!

To celebrate Expo Mom 2013 #Momtuition, let’s have a simple giveaway by Mommy Mundo! Fill out the form below for a chance to win one of five (5) Expo Mom Swag Bags that you can pick up at Expo Mom at the Rockwell Tent this weekend. Entries accepted till midnight tomorrow, April 4. Winners will be announced on Friday morning, April 5. Good luck and see you there!

(If you don’t see the form, please click on this link:

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  1. Bing Guevara permalink
    April 3, 2013 11:55 am

    We share the same thoughts while I was watching the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy 🙂 See yah at the Expo!

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