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Myrene Santos: Mom, Makeup Artist

April 24, 2013

Myrene Santos and I met as cast members in the 2002 run of Trumpets’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. She was a hag, I was a bear.

There’s something about being in a theater run together that bonds you for life. Even after the curtains closed and the time we spent together became less and less as we went on with our lives, we always remained very good friends.

Our common passion was makeup. We spent many times huddled together backstage, applying animal makeup, theater makeup, after-show-gimmik makeup, sharing stories, girl talk, and lots of secrets, as girls do. She is a fabulous, bubbly, fun person to be with and motherhood has not changed that about her at all.

Myrene has an amazing stage performance profile. She’s been in countless productions and has worked with Repertory Philippines, Atlantis Productions, Trumpets, Stages, among other theater groups and events production outfits all over the country. Among her performances are roles in The Wedding Singer, Legally Blonde, Fame, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Dreamgirls. She also worked as part of the entertainment cast of Hong Kong Disneyland for a number of years. She is a talented singer, actress, and dancer, a true musical theater artist at heart.

When Myrene got pregnant and couldn’t perform, she began to rethink her goals. She knew that having a child would change her world; long rehearsal hours, early call times and evening shows that run till late were not the ideal for the life she wanted for her family. It was during this period of introspection that her husband suggested that Myrene go into makeup professionally. When her little boy Zach was 8 months old, Myrene entered Maquillage Professional to study makeup artistry.

After a year of doing odd gigs, she found herself entering The Makeup Academy in Robinson’s Manila to apply for a position to teach Theater Makeup. She instead ended up teaching Makeup 101, a class she truly enjoyed. When Makeup Academy closed, she and a partner took over the space and opened The Makeup Secrets School. Now, aside from teaching, she is a guest artist for MAC, head of hair and makeup design for The King and I at Resorts World Manila, does hair and makeup for Piaf under MAC, does makeup for magazine shoots, editorials and website features, and is making a name for herself in the bridal and wedding circles.

Clockwise, from top: Sheila Valderrama in The King and I; Migs Ayesa for Rock of Ages; Michael Bolton. Makeup by Myrene.

She is enjoying herself immensely, being able to do what she loves and still gets to spend enough time with her adorable Zach.

I love Myrene’s story of rediscovery because this is my own journey too. Often when I say something like, “Oh I wish I could still do <insert something I used to do here>”, some people will say, “You still can,” with a look that reads total unawareness of what a mother goes through. It’s a fact of life – mothers make sacrifices, sometimes at the expense of their own ambitions and dreams.

Myrene gives me inspiration that even if there’s a part of ourselves that needs to take a backseat, there will always be another part that can shine through. We can reinvent ourselves, find new passions, or rekindle long-dormant interests or even the little “what-if-I” moments that you pushed at the back of your head. It’s never too late to have new dreams!

Thank you for being such an inspiration to me, Myrene! I look forward to growing in the world of makeup with you as my teacher.

Contact Myrene for your makeup inquiries here:

Myrene Santos
4th floor, Midtown Wing
Robinson’s Place, Ermita Manila


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