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Ten Minutes of Bliss with Glade Sensations

May 6, 2013

I don’t know about you, but since I became a mother, bathroom privacy is so precious to me that I would pay for it. It ranks right up there with “Things I Will Give My Teeth For” such as sleep, a day off without thinking of the kid, and a house that always stays clean and neat.

But the reality is, I only get ten minutes in the bathroom before a little creature comes sneaking in, his little shadow hovering silently and stealthily beyond the shower curtain. Basti is very Norman Bates, I tell you. I’m sure y’all can relate, whether your kid’s method is like Basti’s sneaky, creepy style, or a banging, screaming toddler demanding you get her a juice box at-this-very-freaking-moment-and-you’re-panicking-because-you-got-startled-and-soap-got-into-your-eyes. It’s a mother’s life.

Hence, anything that can make my ten minutes of peace just a little bit more pleasant is welcome to me. Don’t you wish your bathroom was more like a hotel or a spa? I can’t change the way my bathroom looks, or sounds (anyone who has stumbled into one too many squeaky bath toys KNOWS this), but I can certainly change the way it smells. Scent is very powerful to me. It’s changes my mood, makes my life just a tad more pleasant, and sometimes makes me forget I have a migraine.

I was very pleased to get this Glade Sensations gift pack. I like things that make spaces smell good.

It had the Glade Sensations Bathroom pack in Lavender. Lavender is my favorite, favorite scent of all time.

The refills look like this. The scents come in Lavender, Ocean Escape, Lemon, I Love You (so curious about that. I’ll open it next!), Jasmine, Morning Freshness, and Fruit Nectar.

You could also just buy the refill and use it as is. It stands up just like this. This refill pack is compatible with the other Glad Sensations holders. I think I’ll put one in the car.

The Glade Sensations bathroom holder can be stuck on a wall, or you don’t like doing that, it stands up on its own. That’s what I did.

It’s been in my bathroom for a week now, and I like it so far! The smell isn’t so overwhelming, at least for the Lavender. I’ll try the other scents and update on Twitter and Instagram. The scent is supposed to last for as long as 60 days, which is awesome. If I can’t go to a spa then at least my bathroom smells like one, yes?

Thank you Glade for letting me try out Glade Sensations! Watch out for this product in your favorite supermarkets and stores and try it out for yourself! Tell us what you think on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #GladeSensations.




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