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Hello from Writer’s Block Land

August 2, 2013

Hey world, I just wanted to drop a line. Wala lang.

My blogging mojo is on a break. The words are swimming in my head. I want to write but I can’t get the words out. It’s very inconvenient considering I have so many posts I want to share but they’re all stuck in Drafts right now.

When this happens to me, I do this. The mind dump. Random, thoughtless, no-purpose writing. Kind of how it is when it’s a rainy day, when you’re lying on the couch with a huge bag of chips and no agenda for… well, for your life. That’s what my brain is right now.

Partly because I’m actually quite busy. The busier I get though, the more drafts pile up, and I’m swimming in them right now.

Can I give you an upcoming-blog-posts montage?


Those, and the many many things swirling in my head, plus other things that have come my way ever since I started this blogpost. Yes, even this random-thoughts-flying-out-of-my-brain post is victim to the writer’s block.

Oooh, can I share? (Of course I can, it’s my blog. Pfft.) We had Basti’s first PTC. His strongest points? Art and music. I’m not surprised and I’m very pleased.

Aside from the everyday journey of school, another thing that’s been sucking up my mojo is makeup class. I’m almost done! It’s been an enjoyable process, but I’m also looking forward to downtime Saturdays with my family.

Movies I’m looking forward to watching:


I grew up watching Mary Poppins over and over again, so Saving Mr. Banks is going to be an out-of-body experience for me, I predict. Not known to many, juvenile fiction is one of my preferred genres for reading (not to mention trashy novels. Just keeping it real), and the Hunger Games series is one of many I’ve enjoyed reading. I wonder if they’ll ever make movies out of the Bartimaeus books? Have you guys read those?

I watched Wolverine last Monday, White House Down the other Monday. Next Monday? I don’t know. What’s coming up?

Sorry guys. I did tell you this was going to be random.

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  1. August 5, 2013 1:08 pm

    Ooooh! I did not know about Saving Mr. Banks. Sounds really interesting. Can’t wait for Hunger Games too. The trailer seems promising and quite happy that Plutarch is played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. 🙂

    And yes I have read the Bartimaeus Trilogy. It was a fun romp. It would be interesting if they would consider shooting in Damascus given all the crazy things happening there right now.

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