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Mommy Mundo Mompreneur Summit 2013

August 27, 2013

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend Mommy Mundo’s Mompreneur Summit. I actually had no plans of going because from my understanding, I was no mompreneur. I had no business. I had nothing, no brand, nothing to sell, and nothing to market. Janice was quick to correct me. “Eli,” she said, “The Painter’s Wife is a brand.” I value Janice’s opinion, and so I attended. No expectations, no speculations, just an open mind. And I learned.

From the Mompreneur Summit I walked away with these points to ponder:

  1. I am not “just a mommy.” I am a voice, an influencer, a writer, and a representative. With that comes responsibility, balance and a firm need to stick to my guns and keep believing in the causes I champion and the brands I choose to associate with.
  2. My target market is not necessarily my real audience. I have the capacity to reach out to worlds and minds beyond my “mommy circle” and I shouldn’t be afraid to explore.
  3. A mompreneur is a special breed – a multi-tasking, astute and wise business woman with a family and a business to juggle. Time management is key, priorities must be spelled out.
  4. Being a work-at-home mom has no secrets. The knowledge is there to share. There is no magic formula. You are the magic that makes it happen. Learn, share, expound, learn some more. A work-at-home mom IS a mompreneur.

While I don’t think of The Painter’s Wife as a business, it became clear to me how it really is a brand. It made me think of where I want this blog to go, what I want to do with it, and what I want it to represent. It was a very fruitful afternoon.

This year, the Mompreneur Summit comes back full force with an amazing tagline: Passion and Purpose. Ahhhhh!

I’ve always believed we can use our passions to become successful. “Do what you love” they always say. Getting from point Love to point Success can be a daunting task, but inspiration has always been an effective key to opening up a world of possibilities. Well, inspiration ba kamo? Just take a look at the Mompreneur Summit 2013 roster of speakers:

You can read more about the speakers here:

I do have to give a special woot-woot to AJ and Audrey Dimarucot, the power couple (talaga naman) behind the awesome clothing brand, googoo&gaga. I’ve made no secret that Basti and I are fans of their stuff. We’ve been friends since birthing class and are now co-parents in our kids’ school and I am thrilled they are going to speak at the summit. They are the perfect examples of Passion and Purpose.

Even though I won’t be there (and you’ll see why very soon! Exciting!!), I encourage all moms who have a business, thinking of starting a business, or simply trying to find inspiration for passion and purpose to attend. It’s well worth the time!


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