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New Stuff: K-Palette Mega Cute Eyelid Glue

September 10, 2013

First off, who else but the Japanese would think of a name called “Mega Cute” for eyelid glue? It’s like we can’t expect it to be any other way. So distinctly cutesy, strange, and appealing at the same time.

Of course something also distinctly Japanese is product quality. Knowing this, and knowing the reputation of the brand holding the launch, I was very, very excited to attend the event, inspite of the thunderstorm that appeared out of nowhere.

The event was called “D.eye.Y.”, a play on words, setting the mood for an afternoon of craft activities.

The opening activity was really cute! We were guided through the process of furoshiki, or the Japanese art of wrapping, using a traditional wrapping cloth. We had to wrap our press kits ourselves, with the help of instructions posted on the walls.


I didn’t have the dexterity to pull it off the first time, but Patty’s Sabine and Jackie were practically pros. Here are our furoshiki-ed press kits. So cute! This is something I’d like to do. It’s so cute!

The next activity was a painting and stamp activity, which highlighted why my husband is The Painter and I am really The Painter’s Wife. Hopeless. It’s the saddest cherry blossom painting I’ve ever seen.

The real star of the show really was the K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue. It comes in two variants, one called the “tape” and the other “glue.” I have actually been looking for a good one for a number of weeks now, because I have an issue with my droopy eyelids. K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue can be perfectly worn under makeup and has moisturizing ingredients that care for the delicate skin around the eyes.

On the table were the K-Palette products – concealers, the eyelid glue, , mascara, eyeliners, and brow liners. If you’re a makeup junkie, you would have heard of the K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo brow liner. Waterproof, smudgeproof, and idiot-proof, this brow liner gives you control, definition, wearability and color all in one easy package. It was fun trying all the stuff out.

Next on my to-buy list:

This concealer looks very very promising.

Japanese makeup artist Rina Ogata flew in from Japan to do a makeup demo.

An Instax photo with Rina and K-Palette’s Sales Manager, Mizuho Hakayama, for a souvenir.

Check out Mizuho’s eyeliner. All the rage in Japan. Trivia: The eye on the packaging of K-Palette is Mizuho’s. 😉

Photo op with Cheryl Chua of Beautybox, the official distributor of K-Palette in the Philippines.

Did you know the “K” in K-Palette stands for “Kinoshita”? This is Mr. Eiji Kinoshita, CEO of K-Palette.

Inside our press kits were the K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue, the brow liners and the liquid eyeliner.

Here’s me trying out K-Palette’s products.

  1. My bare eye. Note the eyelid hooding on the outer corner that makes my eye slope down.
  2. With the K-Palette brow liner. It has two ends – a powder and liner. Very easy to use! This is in Chocolate Brown.
  3. My eye after applying the pink variant of K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue. Instant eyelift!
  4. This is how it looks when you close your eyes. I have to practice getting that seam as thin as possible. #likemycaesareansectionscar It may look weird, but I assure you it’s quite comfortable. You get used to how it feels after a few minutes.
  5. I added a bit of shadow. So now I don’t have to worry about my corner definition getting lost in the fold.
  6. Used the K-Palette liquid eyeliner. With the eyelid hood out of the way, creating this wing is so much easier.

Thank you for having me Beautybox Corp.! It was a great afternoon.

K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue, brow liners, mascara and eyeliners are available in Beauty Bar outlets nationwide.




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