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Lock N Lock: New Store, New Stuff

December 27, 2013

You know you’re a mom when…

An invitation from Lock N Lock to visit their new store at the East Wing of Shangri-la gets you all excited. The last time we had an event at their store on Araneta Ave. in Quezon City, it was a frenzy! Then, I went all crazy over their Boroseal containers. I was very eager to know what they had for us this time.

So what’s new?

First thing I noticed was a wall full of baby stuff. Cuteness. Silicone bibs and sippy cups.

Then, here are containers from the Interlock series. Stack them up as high as six containers on top of each other with no danger of falling over. What a space saver!

Then there’s the Sound Lock series, a container line that gives a definitive sound to assure you that all your food is locked up in airtight goodness. Little Juro shows us how showcasing is done.

I am saving up for these drawers. Perfect for office supplies, and for me, makeup organization. Mega-super-duper WANT.

Then this. The Speed Cook series. Non-stick, ultra-light, super-fast heating time. It’s the stuff my homemaker’s dreams are made of. No need for oil, and it cooks up your food in half the time. Holy high-tech cookware Batman!

This is what a table full of hungry SoMoms looks like.

Over lunch at Wee Nam Kee, these two #SoMoms, Tin and Tina, had a pancake showdown. The woman with the most pancakes wins. Can you see the glint in Tin’s eyes?

And the Speed Cook Pancake challenge winner is Tin! She gets to take home the pan that sealed her victory.

Back at the store, more stuff took my fancy.

An old favorite – ceramic cookware.

An updated version of the salad server my mom used for our DIY salads/pasta/taco meals when I was young. The cover makes it perfect for picnics and potlucks.

A sealed ice-cube mold. BPA-free. Perfect for guarding your ice from the other elements in your freezer to prevent contamination. You know what else it could be for right? Breastmilk storage! Just pop a few cubes into your feeding implement and thaw as little or as much as you need.

I just recently got into bento for Basti, and I like this partitioned food container and lunch box.

While Lock N Lock is readily available in supermarkets and department stores, you have better chances of finding the more interesting selections at a Lock N Lock store. Not only that, you can take advantage of sales going on that are in-store only. They’ve got one going on right now at the new Lock N Lock store at the Shangri-la Plaza East Wing until December 31, 2013. It’s a great way to spend your Christmas loot money, hehe!

Thank you Lock N Lock! We had a great time, as always.

I will be back for you. I promise. You will be mine.


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  1. February 17, 2014 11:50 am

    Thank you again to one very loyal L&L fan! 🙂 Ang dami kong babalikan na items diyan!

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