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No Hope Lost: Vaccination Awareness by GSK

March 13, 2014

Before anything, I’d like to put my stand on vaccinations out there. I believe in vaccination. I believe the real benefits of vaccination outweigh the alleged risks. Basti is vaccinated completely from birth till boosters. His doctor was an emergency room pediatric doctor and her experience was key in making the decision to fully vaccinate on schedule. Between the alleged risks of vaccination and the risk of seeing Basti sick with pneumonia, rotavirus, measles and all the other diseases, I chose the path that feels safer to me.

Having said that, I was quick to say yes to attend an event hosted by GSK called #NoHopeLost, an awareness campaign on vaccination, most particularly those for pneumonia and diarrhea.

Hosted by Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo, the event also had Barbie Almabis-Honasan as a guest to recount her motherhood experiences.

All of us there could relate how difficult it is to have a sick child. Dr. Gatchalian then came on board for a presentation. Here are the points that remained with me:

  • Pneumonia and diarrhea are the top 2 killers of children less than 5 years of age in the country.
  • The rotavirus is a “democratic virus.” It doesn’t pick a time or a place. It’s the reason why rotavirus rates are the same anywhere, whether you live in a first-world country or a third-world country. Even if you say you live in a “clean” environment, the rotavirus can still thrive.
  • The rotavirus can stay on a surface for several days, and for hours on your skin, even with handwashing.
  • Prevention is the best way to protect our children from these two illnesses. The toll it takes on our children is a path I never want me or Basti to take as much as possible.

Most people think since these two vaccines are not part of the Expanded Program on Immunization for the government that they are optional. The government has already acknowledged the need for these two diseases to be prevented and are slowly introducing the PCV and Rotavirus vaccines to the public, starting with 700,000 units in the CARAGA region. Soon, the vaccines will be available nationwide.

The #SoMoms who took part in the event all put our pics to commit to the #NoHopeLost campaign.

The “No Hope Lost” campaign is initiated by Glaxo Smith Kline to support the WHO, UNICEF and the government’s efforts to reduce the incidents of pneumonia and diarrhea among Filipino children.

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